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i'm brittany. 19. jersey girl. i spend my life at concerts, on road trips, dabbling with photoshop, reading, and just trying to figure out where i'm going with my life. holla.
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Brian Dales - The Summer Set - © Jessica Norton (Camera By Her Side)
7/6/14 - Vans Warped Tour - PNC Bank Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ.
twitter: @jessnort || @camerabyherside

Please Do Not Remove Watermark

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@Luke5SOS: Dropped a peanut in my belly button, do I eat it or….


this is stillt eh funniest thing niall has ever done 


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Must Be the Music - Warped Tour 2014 (video)
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New Jersey | Photo: @catherinepowell


orange is the new black meme

[3/3] characters: Sophia Burset

I have given five years, eighty thousand dollars, and my freedom for this.  I am finally who I’m supposed to be. Do you understand?  I can’t go back.


stephen_james  Toronto pre show (photo by @ekimla)

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